Monday, 27 April 2015

Stretching Before Workout

Stretching before exercising is just as essential as stretching post workout. If you begin exercising cold muscles, you are more prone to causing an injury. It may not help to shed any weight but it will make your workout a tad easier if your muscles loosened up a little. Stretching is complimentary to any type or workout you do whether it is cardio, aerobics or pilates. And come on, stretching does make you feel good!

Why should one stretch before a workout:

  1. It prepares your lazy muscles for what’s to come as it makes the muscles more pliable. 
  2. It helps to promote blood circulation to muscles and therefore prevents major soreness in the muscles. 
  3. It prevents muscle strains. 
  4. It makes your body feel relaxed. 
  5. It prevents strain in joints.. 
  6. Stretching makes you more flexible so you are able to do strenuous workout more easily. 
  7. It can calm your mind and help you focus. 
  8. It loosens up tight, rigid muscles that can prevent you from having the perfect posture while exercising. 
Following are some stretches you can do prior to a workout.

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