Sunday, 24 September 2017

Three Classic Yoga Postures that Yoga Gurus Swear by

A sedentary lifestyle has a lot of individuals complain about stiffness in the back and a lack of flexibility. Luckily, yoga offers you a solution. Read on to discover the three classic poses that every yoga guru worth his salt swears by. Whether you intend to pursue yoga for weight loss or purely as a new fitness regime; trying these postures is a must.

1. The Downward Dog
This is recommended as a way to promote flexibility. It gently stretches your limbs and is the perfect pose to practice right after you’re up in the morning. Begin your day with the downward dog and you shall feel relaxed, yet energetic and ready to go!

2. The Forward Fold
This pose is best undertaken when you are in a sitting position. The posture is suggested because it improves your digestion and promotes blood circulation. Essentially a simple stretch, you can easily practice this in the afternoon once you have had a filling meal. It shall speed up your metabolism and help you digest the food.

3. The Sitting Forward Fold
The seated forward fold is an exercise that couldn’t be simpler! All you must do is assume the position and hold it as you take a deep breath. Practicing this consistently shall rid you of back pain and render you limber.

These classic poses are a staple in most yoga classes, so perfecting these is a great way to start your yoga journey to fitness!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Nifty Perks of Taking a Kickboxing Class

If you’re on the lookout for new and interesting ways to work your way to fitness, then opt for kickboxing as it is a coveted workout. Offering you lucrative fitness perks, take this class to put a new spin on your humdrum gym regime. This blog details the perks of adopting kickboxing for fitness.

1. It tones your leg muscles
This is the best way to shed some of the undesirable flab in your thighs. Well suited to people from both genders, you must take this class if you wish to work on your leg muscles and tone them. Interestingly, this is preferred as a full-body workout as well that tones not just your lower body but muscles in your torso as well. 

2. It is a great calorie burner
This workout is especially credited with being an easy way to burn calories. Studies show that you can lose anywhere between 280 and 500 calories in a single session. Considering that you can burn these within the short span of 45 minutes, it is certainly worth a try!

3. Improves your balance and agility
Another reason why individuals elect a kickboxing class is to boost their agility. Whether you are an athlete, a dancer or someone who wishes they were lither, training in kickboxing is a wonderful way to improve your flexibility.

So, the next time you think of switching up your workouts with a new and improved regime, you must try KICK Boxing exercise for fitness.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Find Some Food and Fitness Inspiration

More often than not, everyone seeks a motivating factor to fuel their fitness journey. Be it swearing off junk food or sticking to a stringent workout routine, a dash of inspiration can take you a long way.

Here’s a guide to all the inspiration you need to achieve your fitness goals.

See a life coach
An intriguing way to further your health goals, a life coach can be dedicated to your personal journey. Helping you along the way with lots of motivation, he or she can ensure you do not take any setbacks too hard.

Join a great new gym
There’s nothing better to fuel your workout than getting fit alongside like-minded people. Joining a great gym is a neat way to get on track with your fitness workout program.

Try a promising new diet
Whether it is the feel-good General Motors diet or the famous Yamaguchi diet, trying a promising new meal-plan is a smart route to health and fitness. Offering you a tailor-made way to shedding those calories, these inspired diets are just the thing for you! 

Seek inspiration from Fat to Fit photos!

A great way to motivate yourself to tread the path of fitness exercise is to look at amazing weight loss transformations. These make you want to make it happen for you so you can gear up to succeed in your own weight loss journey.

At times, all the encouragement you need comes from your loved ones and friends. So don’t forget to involve them in your wellness journey!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Low Calories Food for Health and Fitness

It is true that food is the true flavor of life, but when those alluring carbs stop you from slipping into your favorite dress, you know it’s time for a change. Luckily, we bring you a special guide to low calorie eats that make it easy to consume healthy food for fitness!

1. Healthy Pulses and Grains
Low calorie alternatives for white rice are brown rice and even oats. Pair these with a serving of boiled veggies or even a portion of chicken or fish and you have a fit meal. Pulses can be soaked and boiled before being added to salads for a refreshing change.

2. Include an Interesting Mix
When sticking to low calorie foods, you must ensure your body consumes a mix of fruits, grains, proteins and vegetables. It is the easiest way to avoid vitamin deficiencies and an overall lack of energy.

3. High Fiber Fruits
Not only do these make a tasty mouthful, but most fruits are exceedingly fibrous, which ensures all-round wellness. The high fiber content in papayas, watermelons and even mangoes rid you of accumulated cholesterol in your bodies making you healthier with every morsel.

4. Insist on Lots of Raw Foods
Studies show that cooking vegetables is an awful way to drain them of their nutrients. The best diets recommend ample inclusion of raw foods. So eat your greens and fruits fresh from the markets!

Swear by these low calorie foods and you’ll soon work your way towards weight loss!