Sunday, 24 September 2017

Three Classic Yoga Postures that Yoga Gurus Swear by

A sedentary lifestyle has a lot of individuals complain about stiffness in the back and a lack of flexibility. Luckily, yoga offers you a solution. Read on to discover the three classic poses that every yoga guru worth his salt swears by. Whether you intend to pursue yoga for weight loss or purely as a new fitness regime; trying these postures is a must.

1. The Downward Dog
This is recommended as a way to promote flexibility. It gently stretches your limbs and is the perfect pose to practice right after you’re up in the morning. Begin your day with the downward dog and you shall feel relaxed, yet energetic and ready to go!

2. The Forward Fold
This pose is best undertaken when you are in a sitting position. The posture is suggested because it improves your digestion and promotes blood circulation. Essentially a simple stretch, you can easily practice this in the afternoon once you have had a filling meal. It shall speed up your metabolism and help you digest the food.

3. The Sitting Forward Fold
The seated forward fold is an exercise that couldn’t be simpler! All you must do is assume the position and hold it as you take a deep breath. Practicing this consistently shall rid you of back pain and render you limber.

These classic poses are a staple in most yoga classes, so perfecting these is a great way to start your yoga journey to fitness!

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