Friday, 1 July 2016

10 Reasons to Start Body Weight Training Today!

Believe it or not, the journey from fat to fit doesn’t have to be a complicated one. With simple body weight training, one is able to easily achieve the required levels of strength, endurance, flexibility and comprehensive fitness. Here are some top reasons why it is time to start body weight exercises right away – 

1. It is an Extremely Efficient Form of Workout 

Body-weight exercises such as Plyometrics are able to achieve great fitness goals within short time frames. With no equipment required, it is easy to transition from one move to the other. 

2. A Great Combination of Cardio and Strength Training 

It becomes easy to perform quick cardio sessions between strength based movements to keep your heart pumping while also working on muscle and strength development. 

3. Burn Fat – Faster 

A few minutes of circuit training can significantly influence your metabolism. Since your body tends to be revved for hours after a workout, the after-burn effect does wonders via bodyweight training. 

4. All Fitness Levels Find its Challenging 

These workouts can be easily modified to challenge anyone. Add additional reps, change the pace of the workout, take shorter breaks or add ballistic movements to make the simplest exercises more challenging. 

5. A Chance to Gain Core Strength 

Give all the 29 muscles in the trunk of your body a complete workout to achieve tighter abs, better posture, relief in lower back strength and improvement in overall performance. 

6. Enhanced Flexibility 

Bodyweight training allows you to build strength as well as flexibility. The full range of motions in this workout allows you to move your joints more freely and reduce chances of exercise related injuries. 

7. There is no Excuse NOT to Workout 

The common obstacles of lack of time of inconvenience are eliminated with body weight training. All you need is a little space and you will be able to squeeze in a workout wherever you are. 

8. Achieve Better Balance 

Increasing resistance through bodyweight training also allows you to increase your balance. By modifying basic movements, you will be able to improve balance through enhanced awareness and control over your body. 

9. Never Get Bored 

Since this form of exercise isn’t monotonous, it is difficult for anyone to get bored. With countless variations to choose from you can spice up your workout routine anyway you like. 

10. Prevent Injuries 

Injuries is often the main reason people give up exercises. Bodyweight exercises tend to be extremely safe regardless of age, experience and fitness levels. 

Due to the compound movements in this form of workout, you will be able to see quick results in fitness through this form of training. 

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How Exercise Can Help You Age Well

In our youth, it is natural for all of us to think of ourselves as invincible individuals with no risk of health problems. However, the fact remains that the clock is ticking for each one of us and with every passing day, our body is experiencing change as a result of an aging process. Studies show that even about 10 minutes of exercise a day can significantly reduce the risk of diseases that occur due to age. Furthermore, it also helps maintain your youthful look. 

Understanding the aging process and the need to stay fit:
Many of the aging related changes take place in the human body as early as in the third decade of life. 

• Especially between the ages of 25-30 years, the maximum attainable heart rate of an individual tends to decline by about one beat per minute, per year. Furthermore, the peak capacity of the heart’s ability to pump blood also reduces by 5-10% every decade. 

• In the beginning of one’s middle age, the blood vessels begin to stiffen and the BP levels tend to go up as well. The blood too, becomes thicker and stickier, making it harder for it to be efficiently pumped through the body. 

• Around one’s midlife, most of us begin to put on about 3 to 4 pounds a year. Also, men tend to lose muscle in their 40s, meaning that the extra weight is all fat. This contributes to the rise in LDL cholesterol and the fall of HDL cholesterol. 

• With the nervous system also changing over a period of time, one’s reflexes tend to get slower, affecting one’s coordination and memory. On an average, you will get less sleep during your maturity than during your youth. All of this results in a sagging spirit and a slower body. 
Going by these changes that one is bound to experience at different extents through their life, exercise may not be able to offer a fountain of youth but can definitely contribute to building your vitality. It is thus important that you start early on. 

In your 20s:
Your growth hormones are at their peak. Take advantage of this and work on developing your muscles to reap benefits years later. Don’t waste time training your mirror muscles and work on compound lifts to develop a balanced physique. Train often so that you can cling on to that muscle when you reach your 40s. 

In your 30s:
Now that you know what works for your body, plan and be consistent with your workout. Focus on developing a stronger back so that it doesn’t bother you once you hit the 40s, your metabolism begins to slow down, making it all the more important to fight fat gain. 

In your 40s: 
Most of us will feel that our body works against us. Focus on repair and recovery in this phase of your life. Get into the weight room to maintain your muscle mass. Also get proper sleep and optimize natural growth hormone levels. 
With the right approach to exercise through your life, you will be able to maintain a fit and healthy body for years to come. 

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7 Indian Summer Drinks for this season!

The Indian Summer can be quite harsh, forcing you to spend most of your time indoors. In addition to that, this is also the time of the year when you will start craving some healthy-refreshing drinks that keep you hydrated throughout. Here are some of the best summer drinks that will allow you to sustain through a hot day while also providing a number of health benefits.

1. Aam Panna
Only available during the summers, the Vitamin C in this drink offers great nutritional value. In addition to this, this healthy drink is also rick with antioxidants. This great thirst quencher is a must have in the Indian summers.

2. Imli ka Paani
The taste of tamarind can give your taste buds the much needed twist this summer. In addition to keeping your spirits up, this drink is sure to keep you healthy and hydrated all summer long.

3. Lassi
Lassi is great during the summers since it promotes digestive enzymes and aids in digestion. This drink is great for those who have stomach problems during the summer and is a natural remedy for constipation, bloating and other stomach disorders.

4. Coconut Water
The healthiest choice you will make this summer is to do away with all the soda and rely on natural, chemical free, delicious drinks such as coconut water when the temperatures are soaring outside. Coconut water is also fat free, allowing you to consume it without any worries.

5. Butter Milk
Also known as Chaas in many aprts of India, this drink is an excellent thirst quencher during the summers. It is known to digest three times faster than regular milk and keeps you cool and hydrated during the summer days. Add some mint leaves for additional cooling effect. Chaas is also known to help in the digestion process.

6. Ganne ka Ras
Sugarcane juice is not also excellent to help you fight the sweltering heat, but it also helps you stay away from many summer diseases. Sugarcane juice allows you to get that much needed boost in energy on long summer days when it is just too hot outside.

7. Pudine ka Sharbat
A mixture of lemon and mint, get a great boost of Vitamin C along with the health benefits of mint associated with digestion. This refreshing drink is something you can have multiple times a day to keep cool and calm during the summers.
With a number of great Indian drinks to choose from, you will be able to get through summer without getting irritable and feeling dehydrated.

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