Monday, 4 April 2016

Top Reasons to Consider Battle Rope Training

Conventionally only used in martial arts gyms and in football training, weighted battle ropes today are increasingly becoming an integral part of mainstream gymnasiums around the world. Battle rope training is essentially a full body strength workout that also offers sufficient cardio. This form of workout is excellent for those who wish to target their upper body and core, since these are the primary movers in a quintessential battle rope workout routine.

People who wish to build muscles without relying on ultra-heavy weights absolutely love this regimen. Since the ropes helps create tension and force from angles that are otherwise not possible in basic weight training, your muscles are able to make new gains.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Battle Rope Training :

  • Get Cardiovascular and Resistance Training at the Same Time

 Regardless of the exercise you perform with battle ropes, you will soon find your heart rate climb up quickly while also getting that burning sensation in the muscle group that you are working with. While many people may argue that you can achieve this with regular weights, you will find yourself pushing harder to achieve the same results. Furthermore, battler ropes can be combined with any exercise. For instance, you can do regular waves and static lunges at once.

  •  Make Good Use of All Muscle Groups 

Most professionals will tell you that the key to any strength routine is compound functional resistance training. It is next to impossible to utilize the ropes without having to make use of all muscle groups. This regimen helps work on all your core muscles in a way that most other training tools cannot. They make use of your shoulders and hips to brace your core and stabilize your spine during more hard-core movements. Battle ropes are an excellent way to increase your work capacity on the whole.

  • Low Impact Regimen with Big Results

This form of exercise is rather versatile allowing you to do maximum force exertion training with jumps, etc., just like one would do with jump routines, sprinting uphill and other high-impact workouts. If you cannot take high-impact training, you will still receive the same results. Here, instead of doing high-intensity interval training with your legs, you can simply use your arms and continue to optimize your heart rate, functional training and oxygen deficit.

  •  Achieve Maximum Caloric Burn

 There is no substitute to pushing yourself hard when it comes to burning more calories and losing body-fat. There is undoubtedly a direct relationship between the effort you put in and the amount of calories you burn. Battle Rope training allows you to increase your heart rate with minimal effort, work all your muscle groups all at once and workout for prolonged duration through low-impact on your joints, central nervous system and other body parts. All of this comes together to help you achieve your goals in an effective manner.

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