Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Much Ado About Zumba

      If you feel the need to shake a leg at the drop of a hat, there is nothing wrong with you. When you are running on the treadmill and you are listening to your favourite dance track, all you want to do is find a dance floor - you are very normal.

      Alberto Perez, the inventor of Zumba, must have acted on this impulse to dance while exercising! Well, if you really must know, he forgot his aerobics tape (remember those?) and grabbed the first dance music tape he could from his car. He improvised and the rest is history.

      Zumba, a dance cum exercise routine has taken over the world of fitness with a whirlwind. Imagine putting on really comfortable shoes to a dance floor and performing the same routine as others while you break into a sweat and lose a little weight. It’s like a party in the house, all day everyday! Dream come true!

      A typical one hour long Zumba class consists of an upbeat dance performance that revolves around a few repetitive steps per song. It’s like learning to be a better dance as well as exercise more effectively. It’s a two for one deal! You can have the dreariest of days and feel elated after a Zumba session. That’s the power of Zumba.

Why do Zumba?

   One is known to lose between 600 to 1000 calories in a Zumba class.

   With dancing you move your body to the rhythm of the music while you do specific moves, your body will undergo a good amount of toning, with time of course.

   You don’t have to be a great dance - that’s why you join Zumba. If you claim to have two left feet (aren’t we tired of that one?) you aren’t the only one there. Make mistakes and laugh it off with others like you. Plus, you get to improve your coordination - so no more embarrassing out of sync dancing at the next wedding!

   Exercising is known to make people (the endorphin release, remember). Add some funky dance moves. Good riddance, stress.

For the simple reason - when has dance music not made you feel better?

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