Monday, 21 August 2017

4 Foolproof Ways to Eat Healthy Consistently

Individuals on their weight loss journey often complain about an inability to stick to their diets. After all, if you’re a foodie or addicted to eating out, quitting cold turkey is no easy task. Use these tips to eat healthy consistently.

1. Eat a small but healthy breakfast
Skipping breakfast is a neat way to get yourself ravenous, which ends you in chomping down on a huge lunch. Eating a small and healthy breakfast every day is a smart way to further weight loss.

2. Meal-prep is a must!
Take a couple of hours on your weekend to decide fit meals for each day of the entire coming week. This shall include shopping for groceries and vegetables, so you’re never out of healthy food options!

3. Insist on a cheat day to avoid a binge fest

Pepper your weekly diet plan with one weekend ‘Cheat Day’. This shall work as a reward for sticking to your diet all week and even help you avoid the occasional binge fest that just packs on the pounds.


4. Make salad dressings your new best friend

Healthy salads are a staple on every diet plan, so it’s time to make them tasty. Use lemon juice, olive oil, and honey-mustard or even crushed garlic dressings. After all it shall be easy to eat green if those boring old salads were quite mouth-wateringly delicious!

Swear by these four commandments to eat healthy consistently for there is no better way to stick to your health and fitness goals.