Friday, 18 November 2016

The Top 5 Protein Shakes in the Market and Their Benefits to Build Muscle

You might always be fueled up for your workout at the gym. However, after a strenuous sweat session, your body runs out of the even last piece of iron. If you’re trying to build muscles, proper nutrition is vital to help rebuild muscles after your workout. In theory, it is simple to put on muscles, you need to lift weights and intake more calories than what you burn. In reality, it is far more complicated as you need to follow a strict training process and eat a significant amount of healthy food. Most guys tend to mess up in the latter part as they don’t realise the importance of eating right when trying to add lean mass. 

One of the easiest and best ways to be assured of positive results from workouts is to add a healthy shake to your diet. Adding a super shake will help you gain muscle and stay on top of your game. We bring you the top 5 protein shakes in the market to help you achieve your goal of muscle building:

1. 100% Whey Gold Standard
This is one of the best-rated protein powder in the entire world. It is full of Whey protein isolates and protein micro fractions. The 24 g quality protein ensures muscle growth and recovery. 

2. BSN Syntha 6 
If you’re looking for a delicious protein shake, opt for this great-tasting powder. It is used by athletes around the world, mixes really well and tastes super creamy! It also supports muscle protein synthesis and kick-starts the recovery process. 

3. Jym Pro Jym
This powder contains the right amounts of performance proteins that maximize muscle growth and ensure high-quality nutrients. It is blended with premium Whey, Egg Proteins, and Casein.  

4. RSP Whey 
A scientific formula that supports muscle recovery and growth, RSP Whey ensures an active lifestyle and helps achieve your muscle-building goals by fulfilling your protein intake requirements. It tastes amazing even though it contains low fat and carbs. 

5. Combat Powder
This contains 5 powerful proteins- a combination of fast, medium and slow releasing, ensuring digestion that lasts up to 8 hours.It is a great tasting blend that is easy to mix and can be consumed at any time.

Protein shakes act as a muscle enhancer, especially when consumed post workouts as they help in muscle regeneration and repair the stressed muscle fibers. 

Monday, 26 September 2016

The Perfect Meals to Fuel Your Workout – Before & After

As leading a healthy lifestyle has become the need of the hour, many of us are now hitting the gym frequently to stay fit. However, many regulars at the gym are often confused about how to get maximum results from their workout. If you too have been going to the gym but aren’t sure if you are gaining its benefits, the secret may be hidden in your diet. There are some simple and easy to source foods that you can eat before and after your workout to make it more rewarding.

Before Your Workout

Your pre-workout foods should be rich in carbs, healthy fats, lean protein and fibres so that your body is ready for high-intensity exercises. The carb and protein ratio must be 4:1 before your workout. Add these to your meals for a beneficial round at the gym:
Oatmeal – If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning before hitting the gym, oatmeal is a great option as it is rich in proteins, minerals, carbs and dietary fibres. Add berries or fruits to stay hydrated throughout the workout.
Fruit Smoothies – Another quick and easy to prepare pre-workout snack, the carbohydrates in the fruits will provide energy for the workout while the protein will prevent muscle damage. 

Sprouts & Legumes – A highly nutritious option, these should be consumed 1-2 hours before the workout. They contain proteins, minerals, Vitamin K and C and fibres, making it an ideal pre-workout snack. 

After Your Workout

Your body will use up a lot of energy during a workout and you need to replenish it for the muscles to recover. Fluids and carbohydrates must be taken within half an hour of exercise to ensure the nutrients are used effectively. 
Kiwi – A powerhouse of nutrients, it has more vitamins and minerals than probably any other fruit. It helps relieve muscle soreness post workout.
Dry fruits and Nuts – Carry a bag of these in your gym bag so that you can munch on them during your way back. Nuts have simple carbohydrates that are digested easily and offer better muscle glycogen.

Cereal & Milk – A classic breakfast option, cereals are great post exercise. The carbs, protein and calcium in cereals help in muscle recovery and boost energy. It also helps in replenishing post-workout fluid requirements.
Being diligent about what you eat before and after your workouts can drastically impact the effect of your gym time. Happy healthy eating!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Going to the Gym Irregularly, is as good as Not Going at all !

Discipline and consistency are extremely necessary when it comes to exercising. Irregularities are common among the fitness freaks, but coping up with your fitness requirements is equally imperative. It is presumed that intense workout for 3 alternate days in a week is enough to maintain your health. 

Here, you must understand that your body has an internal clock that is programmed according to your schedule. It is seen that gymnasts, failing to follow a stringent schedule and routine for the workout, usually underperform from their desired level of strength and stamina. Following intense workout sessions for a long period and suddenly breaking down this habit is the worst that can happen to your body.

Negative Effects of Irregular Gym Workout

Re-occurrence Of Lost Weight:

You burn a high amount of calories while doing intense gym workout. The calorie intake also gets increased according to requirements of the body. If you don’t burn them out regularly, these extra calories will get stored in your body and you will start regaining weight at a faster rate.

Loss Of Strength:
Regular workout in gym strengthens your bones and muscles. You need to maintain this schedule to keep them robust. Any irregularity will bring a decline in your overall strength and gradually you will feel weakness in your body.

Increased Muscle Pain:
Muscles are built forcefully through an extensive workout schedule. But uneven gym schedule can cause muscles to gradually tear up leading to a persistent pain in different parts of the body.

Increased Joint Pain:
Sticking to a daily schedule is quite important in the gym workout. As these exercises are heavy, they exert extra pressure on joints as well. An unexpected break in the workout will put them in pain.

Decline in The Fitness Of Heart:
Irregular or breaking the schedule of gym workout may bring a decline in the fitness of heart. Break of few months or a year can hamper your cardiovascular fitness as well.

Due to its severe repercussions, it is never advisable to choose gym workouts for a short period or leaving them in the midway.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Running Is Not Always Cowardly! Use It as a Weapon for a Healthy Lifestyle

Running is revered as a complete exercise in which every muscle in your body is put on an ordeal. It is the best cardiac or aerobic exercise that uses more kilojoules and produces energy through oxygen and glucose. An unwavering dedication and mental effort are required to follow this workout in your daily schedule. But once, you start, it will endeavor unlimited benefits.

For General Fitness
Running provides general fitness that is required for living a healthy life. Jogging is an excellent alternative for beginners. You can start with jogging and gradually test the strength of your muscles and lungs by increasing your speed over the time.

Controls the Weight
Running is the best exercise to burn the fats accumulated in your body. Mostly, fats around belly are a huge concern while the fat stored in thighs, back, arms, and face goes unnoticed. Running is highly effective to burn the glucose present in the blood. Also, it puts every muscle on a workout to melt away the excess weight.

Strengthens the Lungs and Heart
Diseases that are correlated with lungs or heart are the major cause of deaths across the world. It is alarming to know that younger generation in the age group from 25-40 is severely affected by these issues. This is basically due to the lesser physical activities. 10-15 minutes of daily running gives perfect stimulation to heart and lungs to function with full strength throughout the day.

Improves Health And Prevents Diseases
Running is an accomplished exercise to improve your overall health. It boosts your immune system and reduces the clotting of blood. It acts as a preventive measure for people suffering from pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and issues like osteoporosis. Regular running increases the elasticity of arteries and flexibility of muscles.

Relieves Stress
Stress is the root cause of many diseases. A daily morning dose of running can revamp your lifestyle. It gives you the power to handle any situation, opens your mind to think wisely, and de-stresses you for rest of the day. 

So, now you know that running is not necessarily cowardly. Instead, you can make it a strong tool to fight multiple health hazards. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Why Should You Start Your Day With Exercise?

As a matter of fact, exercising is the best way to start your day. Every morning you are refreshed to do some running, walking, aerobics, or heavy workouts. It is the perfect time to cut loose. Although opinions differ on the fact whether you should exercise in the morning or evening, early starters always have an upper hand.

A research by the University of New South Wales said that early morning cardio or weight loss exercises are quite effective. They not only burn excess fat but also reduce glycogen stored in your body. They can give a positive start to your day better metabolism and mental awareness. Here are some other benefits of starting your workouts with the sunrise.

Gives Better Outcome:
In the morning, your body is relaxed and already repaired by your internal resistance system. It is geared up to take the exertion of heavy workouts as well. With no running thoughts, you can concentrate on exercise, feel the fresh air, and enjoy a pleasant day thereafter.

Keeps The Stress Away:
Workout increases the blood flow and enhances the component of oxygen running through it. Oxygen plays an important part in soothing the stress points of your brain. Also, it can boost your memory power. Hence, you carry a stress-free mind to your work and finish every task efficiently for the entire day.

Keeps You Enthusiastic For The Whole Day:
Drowsiness, morning sickness, or any other symptoms affecting your efficiency can be easily eradicated by the workouts. This upbeat demeanor set in the early morning will augment as the day progresses and it will last till the night.

Provides A Sound Sleep:
The body clock sets your sleeping time and you get asleep accordingly. Instead of late night working, try to finish your pending tasks in the morning after workouts. You will pleasantly feel a difference in the output of your mind.
These reasons prove that you should start your days with a healthy exercising regimen. So, are you ready?

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Increase Mental Strength with healthy Exercises

A healthy body is an ultimate prerogative to life your life to the fullest. And regularity in exercise is important to remain fit. But do you know that it can also endeavor a healthy mind that keeps ticking all the day through? In fact, a healthy body co-relates with a healthy mind. A research has revealed that aerobics is profoundly beneficial for mental health.

Apart from keeping you fit, it can stimulate your brain functionality and reduce symptoms like depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. It is also found that exercise is a powerful weapon to live healthy and feel better. Here you will know how exercise affects mental activities.

•    Improves Brain Power:

Exercise makes your brain consume more oxygen that releases the important pressure points and reduces the stress. Regular exercising produces such chemicals in the brain that affects brain cells, their health, and corresponding growth. It reduces the insulin resistance and inflammation that can harm your brain.

•    Improves Memory:

It is revealed in the medical studies that prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex, the main part of the brain that thinks and remembers, is found in a greater volume in those who exercise regularly. With age, you tend to lose your memory power. Following a regular exercise schedule can revitalize your mind and improve its cognitive powers.

•    Controls Diseases:

Regular exercising can surely reverse the stages of critical illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. It is known that high blood pressure is the root cause of anxiety and tension which can damage your blood vessels. Cholesterol and high diabetes is also the culprit for reducing the mental solidarity. Relief in such diseases is quite beneficial for the peace of your mind. 

•    Relieves Depression:

When depression hits a person, their mental state becomes highly traumatic. Prolonged chronic depression can change the brain and alter it permanently. Whether you are knocking on the doors or have visible signs of depression already, regular exercise can help you to get rid of such condition.
These points clearly prove how you can strengthen your mental power by following a healthy exercising routine.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

10 Reasons to Start Body Weight Training Today!

Believe it or not, the journey from fat to fit doesn’t have to be a complicated one. With simple body weight training, one is able to easily achieve the required levels of strength, endurance, flexibility and comprehensive fitness. Here are some top reasons why it is time to start body weight exercises right away – 

1. It is an Extremely Efficient Form of Workout 

Body-weight exercises such as Plyometrics are able to achieve great fitness goals within short time frames. With no equipment required, it is easy to transition from one move to the other. 

2. A Great Combination of Cardio and Strength Training 

It becomes easy to perform quick cardio sessions between strength based movements to keep your heart pumping while also working on muscle and strength development. 

3. Burn Fat – Faster 

A few minutes of circuit training can significantly influence your metabolism. Since your body tends to be revved for hours after a workout, the after-burn effect does wonders via bodyweight training. 

4. All Fitness Levels Find its Challenging 

These workouts can be easily modified to challenge anyone. Add additional reps, change the pace of the workout, take shorter breaks or add ballistic movements to make the simplest exercises more challenging. 

5. A Chance to Gain Core Strength 

Give all the 29 muscles in the trunk of your body a complete workout to achieve tighter abs, better posture, relief in lower back strength and improvement in overall performance. 

6. Enhanced Flexibility 

Bodyweight training allows you to build strength as well as flexibility. The full range of motions in this workout allows you to move your joints more freely and reduce chances of exercise related injuries. 

7. There is no Excuse NOT to Workout 

The common obstacles of lack of time of inconvenience are eliminated with body weight training. All you need is a little space and you will be able to squeeze in a workout wherever you are. 

8. Achieve Better Balance 

Increasing resistance through bodyweight training also allows you to increase your balance. By modifying basic movements, you will be able to improve balance through enhanced awareness and control over your body. 

9. Never Get Bored 

Since this form of exercise isn’t monotonous, it is difficult for anyone to get bored. With countless variations to choose from you can spice up your workout routine anyway you like. 

10. Prevent Injuries 

Injuries is often the main reason people give up exercises. Bodyweight exercises tend to be extremely safe regardless of age, experience and fitness levels. 

Due to the compound movements in this form of workout, you will be able to see quick results in fitness through this form of training. 

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How Exercise Can Help You Age Well

In our youth, it is natural for all of us to think of ourselves as invincible individuals with no risk of health problems. However, the fact remains that the clock is ticking for each one of us and with every passing day, our body is experiencing change as a result of an aging process. Studies show that even about 10 minutes of exercise a day can significantly reduce the risk of diseases that occur due to age. Furthermore, it also helps maintain your youthful look. 

Understanding the aging process and the need to stay fit:
Many of the aging related changes take place in the human body as early as in the third decade of life. 

• Especially between the ages of 25-30 years, the maximum attainable heart rate of an individual tends to decline by about one beat per minute, per year. Furthermore, the peak capacity of the heart’s ability to pump blood also reduces by 5-10% every decade. 

• In the beginning of one’s middle age, the blood vessels begin to stiffen and the BP levels tend to go up as well. The blood too, becomes thicker and stickier, making it harder for it to be efficiently pumped through the body. 

• Around one’s midlife, most of us begin to put on about 3 to 4 pounds a year. Also, men tend to lose muscle in their 40s, meaning that the extra weight is all fat. This contributes to the rise in LDL cholesterol and the fall of HDL cholesterol. 

• With the nervous system also changing over a period of time, one’s reflexes tend to get slower, affecting one’s coordination and memory. On an average, you will get less sleep during your maturity than during your youth. All of this results in a sagging spirit and a slower body. 
Going by these changes that one is bound to experience at different extents through their life, exercise may not be able to offer a fountain of youth but can definitely contribute to building your vitality. It is thus important that you start early on. 

In your 20s:
Your growth hormones are at their peak. Take advantage of this and work on developing your muscles to reap benefits years later. Don’t waste time training your mirror muscles and work on compound lifts to develop a balanced physique. Train often so that you can cling on to that muscle when you reach your 40s. 

In your 30s:
Now that you know what works for your body, plan and be consistent with your workout. Focus on developing a stronger back so that it doesn’t bother you once you hit the 40s, your metabolism begins to slow down, making it all the more important to fight fat gain. 

In your 40s: 
Most of us will feel that our body works against us. Focus on repair and recovery in this phase of your life. Get into the weight room to maintain your muscle mass. Also get proper sleep and optimize natural growth hormone levels. 
With the right approach to exercise through your life, you will be able to maintain a fit and healthy body for years to come. 

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7 Indian Summer Drinks for this season!

The Indian Summer can be quite harsh, forcing you to spend most of your time indoors. In addition to that, this is also the time of the year when you will start craving some healthy-refreshing drinks that keep you hydrated throughout. Here are some of the best summer drinks that will allow you to sustain through a hot day while also providing a number of health benefits.

1. Aam Panna
Only available during the summers, the Vitamin C in this drink offers great nutritional value. In addition to this, this healthy drink is also rick with antioxidants. This great thirst quencher is a must have in the Indian summers.

2. Imli ka Paani
The taste of tamarind can give your taste buds the much needed twist this summer. In addition to keeping your spirits up, this drink is sure to keep you healthy and hydrated all summer long.

3. Lassi
Lassi is great during the summers since it promotes digestive enzymes and aids in digestion. This drink is great for those who have stomach problems during the summer and is a natural remedy for constipation, bloating and other stomach disorders.

4. Coconut Water
The healthiest choice you will make this summer is to do away with all the soda and rely on natural, chemical free, delicious drinks such as coconut water when the temperatures are soaring outside. Coconut water is also fat free, allowing you to consume it without any worries.

5. Butter Milk
Also known as Chaas in many aprts of India, this drink is an excellent thirst quencher during the summers. It is known to digest three times faster than regular milk and keeps you cool and hydrated during the summer days. Add some mint leaves for additional cooling effect. Chaas is also known to help in the digestion process.

6. Ganne ka Ras
Sugarcane juice is not also excellent to help you fight the sweltering heat, but it also helps you stay away from many summer diseases. Sugarcane juice allows you to get that much needed boost in energy on long summer days when it is just too hot outside.

7. Pudine ka Sharbat
A mixture of lemon and mint, get a great boost of Vitamin C along with the health benefits of mint associated with digestion. This refreshing drink is something you can have multiple times a day to keep cool and calm during the summers.
With a number of great Indian drinks to choose from, you will be able to get through summer without getting irritable and feeling dehydrated.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

HIIT: The Most Effective Workout

Whether or not you are a fan of the new age trend of high intensity workout sessions or a person who has recently heard this trend has generated a buzz, you cannot deny that it is a super quick and effective method to follow. 

With short intervals or bursts of high intensity exercises dotted with smaller intervals of rest or lower intensity exercises, it has shown remarkable levels of efficiency. This means you will not only have to spend less time every week in the gym but also boost your metabolism to burn fat throughout the day, even when you are not working out. This heart pounding trend also offers a variety of benefits as listed below-

Strengthening the Major Muscle of Your Heart 

By turning up the intensity levels of your workout session, you are also forcing your heart to work more. When pursued under a guided mentor, this can be a healthy alternative to activities that train your heart to sustain duress and adapt to tougher conditions. The renowned Tabata workouts have also been proven to successfully boost ones cardiovascular strength.

It’s an Encompassing Health Package 

This method is also referred to as the buy one get one free package of exercising as it not only helps you burn up excessive fat in your body but also offers ample opportunities to squeeze in a solid strength and stability training session into your routine. The entire process of HIIT is to push yourself as hard as possible to accomplish as many sets as possible without your body feeling fatigue. 

A Tailored to Fit Plan 

What makes the plan all the more effective is that you can design it to suit your needs. While you do not need to follow a particular set, you do need to follow some set patterns to ensure best results. Some simple tweaks and adjustments in a routine can help you figure a plan that is not overly exhausting but still helps you achieve desired results. 

Keeping Sugar Levels in Check 

These workout sessions are great as they can not only be done outside the gym in case you cannot make it but also helps you keep factors such as blood sugar levels in check and diabetes at bay. The overall health benefits are far more as compared to regular routines making it an amazing workout plan to pursue.

Cranking Up the Metabolism 

Sustainable exercises are great to follow but they demand for less oxygen than HIIT routines. When you pursue a set and feel your body requiring more oxygen, it only means that your metabolism is being worked at a higher level, ensuring you burn calories not only during the session but also for a long period after, a phenomenon referred to as “afterburn”. The constant back and forth between variable intensity activities also ensures that you burn fat and do it quickly. 

While the ideal time to devout to such a workout ranges in the 30 to 45 minutes zone, even smaller time periods can give you results. By incorporating this into your daily routine you can benefit from a lean and mean body in almost no time!

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Procrastinators Guide to Exercising

Procrastination is like a slow disease, slowly creeping into our lives and stopping progress. While the reasons you may be procrastinating are different, the results are almost always the same and destructive. It is essential to have control over your own self before you can build a life conducive to success. It is after all a personal battle we fight with our demons, making it important to have a game plan in place.

To help you get your summer body ready and in shape, here is a simple and quick muscle-up program designed to give quick results-
This workout plan is a combination of a variety of  fast paced weight workouts and high intensity cardio sessions that will burn off excessive fat and build strength in your hibernating muscles, something no diet can do in a healthy manner in such a short time span.

The Muscle Resistance Step 

This step involves a series of exercises where your muscles will be challenged and teased while building their potential. While resting them for a minute between two sets, you will slowly be made to move up in weights while ensuring your body can handle it without fatigue.

Intensity Training 

You will next proceed to a session with two consecutive sets with a particular weight and follow it with a single set in a slightly lower weight.  This will enable you to match with increasing levels of intensity when working out.

Cardio through Interval Training 

The theory behind this process is to burn body fat not only during the session but also for longer periods of time after it. Since your metabolism remains at a high through the day, you will be able to burn more calories than otherwise. With an array of options you can even ensure this is fun and convenient for you.

With this simple program you will be able to ditch that shirt in summer!

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Famous Celebrity Fitness Regimes

Fitness is a lifestyle choice that goes beyond the realms of building muscle and mass. It involves a wholesome approach to living and ensures that the body is trained to sustain harsh conditions and survive without collapsing. While a number of fads come and go, some routines stick around and succeed.

Forget the silliness about the seltzer water and celery sticks diets. While they may help you lose weight, they are not a healthy alternative and will more often than not result in you binging, gaining a lot more weight than you lost.

It is a lot more advisable to develop a routine that works for you and at the same time does not put you in any danger. Here are 7 famous celebrities across the globe and their renowned workout routines that got them acclaimed looks to take inspiration from-

The Dashing and Athletic Hrithik Roshan

Trained under the overly qualified Kris Gethin, a sports Therapist as well as a Professional Natural Body builder, Hrithik Roshan underwent a huge transformation. While a large part of his regime included cross fit and weight training, it was the overall control on his diet and routine that helped boost his results. Hritik Roshan not only managed to lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks but also train his body in a wholesome manner.

The Master of Self Control Akshay Kumar

Like a number of popular celebrities, Akshay Kumar is a strong supporter of not only better fitness but also fitness achieved naturally. While his routine may not include traditional gym equipment, his outdoor activities are equally intense. From functional training to martial arts, he has done it all. His fitness mantra is to not simply focus on building muscles and abs but also a better body developed to sustain over time. Ditching the party lifestyle that comes with fame, he tries to get a gap of at least three hours between consuming the last meal and hitting the bed. This is a great way for people who get bored of the routine of gyms to maintain a lean and mean body as well.

The Sultry Ballerina Natalie Portman 

When immersing yourself into a role, it also important to find a believable look. As a devoted actress, she discovered that to look like a believable ballerina for her role in Black Swan, she would have to follow the same routine as actual ballerinas. A former New York City Ballet dancer, Mary Helen Bowers helped her play the part through routines that would ensure Natalie would be able to dance as a professional as well. While a slim body is a must, it was also important to have a strong body that could sustain the long training hours. Natalie’s workout sessions were incorporated with activities such as endurance exercises, swimming and the more aggressive cross training. Her routine is perfect for anyone who wishes to get a stronger body without gaining muscles. 

Carrie Underwood and Her Lustrous Limbs 

While the country diva Carrie Underwood is famous for her amazing voice and vocals, she has also been showing off some of the best limbs in the industry. While they have their very own Facebook page, many have raised the question of what exactly she does to get such perfect sculpted legs.
Carrie is as great health enthusiast. Her belief in regular training and healthy diet is not only simple but also extremely effective. This kind of lifestyle can only be sustained as a personal choice. Instead of loading up on take-out meals when on tour, she tries to stock her fridge with as many healthy options as possible. Her personal trainers accompany her when she travels as well, helping her maintain her routines. A series of squats, toe taps, step ups and lunges will have you sporting your strong and sexy legs in no time. 

Noureen DeWulf and Inspirational Hockey

Wife of Olympic hockey legend Ryan Miller, her toned arms and tight butt have been envied and desired by many. Her entire routine has been inspired by her husband’s hockey games that have taught them the importance of stability, flexibility as well as a good posture to boost athletic performance. 
Using her husband’s warming up workout, she gets through a series of exercises without a single break. From strenuous leg presses to making use of foam rollers, her exercises are a spin on the same old routine, making it a lot more fun to follow!

Khloe Kardashian and her Sizzling Curves

You can love her, hate her, follow her but you cannot ignore her and her rocking curves. Even if you are not exactly a fan of the Kardashian’s, you cannot deny that they have got some serious style. While Khloe may not be a size zero, she has some of the best curves to flaunt across the globe. Showing off some of the best styles with body-con dresses and skinny jeans; her secret is working out right before she dons a new outfit. 
Khloe's go-to regiment is designed around the oblique, with cross body mountain climbing, side plank combination routines and various rotations that ensure each and every limb of yours is exercised. This routine is created to ensure you embrace your figure with joy!

Dr.Oz and His Quick Fix Workout

If you are the type that finds yourself smashing your snooze button on mornings regularly while grabbing for cups of coffee by afternoon, this easy to follow routine will save you. 
A renowned trainer from New York City, Joel Harper, designed this routine especially keeping the Oz family in mind. By elevating the heart rate to boost energy levels, one can easily eliminate the kinks caused by sleeping or sitting for long periods of time. Every muscle in your body will be made to exercise ensuring that you benefit from a sculpted body as well. He recommends an intense routine of moves such as the prayer squat and superman twist. 

The above mentioned work out regiments have been successful in helping celebs get their desired looks, making them popular for fitness enthusiasts to follow too.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Top 100 Workout Tracks to Keep it Pumping

The rush of adrenaline and sense of achievement after a good workout session is an unmatched feeling. To help you push through your next visit to the gym, here is a list of the best 100 songs that will give you an extra boost of motivation. Whether you are trying to find a pace for your jog or aggressively spinning with a friend, these songs will definitely ensure you have the best work out of your life.

Ranging from some chill and relaxed songs to get you through those morning blues to the more pumped up and motivational beats, our list has got it all!

Chill Vibes 

The best of Chill music characterized by their mellow style and mid-tempo beats will help you set a steady pace for your workout. Let your mind be taken over while you unwind and focus on your exercises.

1. Mike Posner – I Took A Pill in Ibiza 
2. Zayn – Pillow Talk (No Sleep Remix)
3. NextRO – Devotion
4. In The Valley Below - Peaches 
5. Major Lazer - Jet Blue Jet (feat. Leftside, GTA, Razz & Biggy)
6. The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
7. ZHU - Cocaine Model
8. Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Original Mix)
9. Baauer & RL Grime - Infinite Daps
10. Lazarus- Porcupine Tree 
11. The Weeknd – Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)
12. Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down feat. Jasmine Thompson
13. Kygo - Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell
14. Calvin Harris - Blame ft. John Newman
15. Kygo - Raging ft. Kodaline
16. Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love
17. Kygo - Stay ft. Maty Noyes
18. Robin Schulz - Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates)
19. Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
20. DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

Girl Power 

These songs by some of the leading ladies of the industry will inspire the feminist in you regardless of your gender!
1. Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself
2. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
3. Selena Gomez - Same Old Love
4. Taylor Swift - Love Story
5. Taylor Swift - Blank Space
6. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball 
7. Mariah Carey - Hero
8. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
9. Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
10. Sia - Chandelier 
11. Sia – Cheap Thrills 
12. Taylor Swift – Blank Space 
13. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
14. Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna - "Fly"
15. The Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A Man
16. Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
17. Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says
18. The Long Way Around - Dixie Chicks
19. Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire
20. Katy Perry - Roar 

Popular on Boards

Here are some of the most popular songs of the recent past that every iPod MUST be stocked with.
1. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
2. Jonas Blue - Fast Car ft. Dakota
3. Dillon Francis, Kygo - Coming Over ft. James Hersey
4. G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I
5. TroyBoi - Afterhours (feat. Diplo & Nina Sky)
6. Drake - Legend (Wynn Remix) Prod. Sean Ross
7. The Chainsmokers - Roses (Audio) ft. ROZES
8. R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine
9. Calvin Harris - Feel So Close 
10. Rihanna Ft Drake – Work 
11. Major Lazer Ft Nyla – Light It Up
12. Little Mix Ft Jason Derulo – Secret Love Song  
13. Snakeships Ft Tinashe & Chance – All My Friends 
14. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean 
15. One Direction – History 
16. Adele – Hello 
17. Coldplay – Hymn for the Weekend 
18. Craig David & Big Narstie – When the Bassline Drops 
19. MNEK and Zara Larsson – Never Forget You 
20. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out 

Old School Beats 

Here is a list of the most popular songs from the previous decade you’d otherwise have to open your cassette boxes for-
1. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. U2 - One 
3. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
4. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
5. Madonna - Vogue
6. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back
7. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
8. TLC - Waterfalls
9. R.E.M. - Losing My Religion
10. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
11. Destiny's Child - Say My Name
12. Beastie Boys - Sabotage
13. Hanson - MMMBop
14. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
15. Beck - Loser
16. Salt-N-Pepa Ft En Vogue - Whatta Man
17. House of Pain - Jump Around
18. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
19. Eminem - My Name Is
20. Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

Pumped Up & Motivational 

Here are some beats that are bound to help you push through the tougher parts of your work out while blocking out the little voice telling you to give up-
1. 50 Cent - Animal Ambition
2. Sean Paul – Temperature 
3. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
4. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
5. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
6. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – White Walls – Ft. Schoolboy Q and Hollis 
7. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis  - Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton 
8. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
9. Van Halen  - Jump
10. Bon Jovi - It’s My Life 
11. Pitbull feat. Chris Brown - International Love
12. Billy Ocean - When the Going Gets Tough 
13. Queen - We Will Rock You
14. Katy Perry – Firework 
15. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
16. R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly 
17. One Republic - Good Life 
18. Katrina And The Waves - Walking On Sunshine
19. AC/DC – Thunderstruck
20. Metallica - Enter Sandman

If music is the one thing you rely on to get you through the last lap or run a little faster, the above songs will be just perfect for you and your iPod!