Tuesday, 7 June 2016

HIIT: The Most Effective Workout

Whether or not you are a fan of the new age trend of high intensity workout sessions or a person who has recently heard this trend has generated a buzz, you cannot deny that it is a super quick and effective method to follow. 

With short intervals or bursts of high intensity exercises dotted with smaller intervals of rest or lower intensity exercises, it has shown remarkable levels of efficiency. This means you will not only have to spend less time every week in the gym but also boost your metabolism to burn fat throughout the day, even when you are not working out. This heart pounding trend also offers a variety of benefits as listed below-

Strengthening the Major Muscle of Your Heart 

By turning up the intensity levels of your workout session, you are also forcing your heart to work more. When pursued under a guided mentor, this can be a healthy alternative to activities that train your heart to sustain duress and adapt to tougher conditions. The renowned Tabata workouts have also been proven to successfully boost ones cardiovascular strength.

It’s an Encompassing Health Package 

This method is also referred to as the buy one get one free package of exercising as it not only helps you burn up excessive fat in your body but also offers ample opportunities to squeeze in a solid strength and stability training session into your routine. The entire process of HIIT is to push yourself as hard as possible to accomplish as many sets as possible without your body feeling fatigue. 

A Tailored to Fit Plan 

What makes the plan all the more effective is that you can design it to suit your needs. While you do not need to follow a particular set, you do need to follow some set patterns to ensure best results. Some simple tweaks and adjustments in a routine can help you figure a plan that is not overly exhausting but still helps you achieve desired results. 

Keeping Sugar Levels in Check 

These workout sessions are great as they can not only be done outside the gym in case you cannot make it but also helps you keep factors such as blood sugar levels in check and diabetes at bay. The overall health benefits are far more as compared to regular routines making it an amazing workout plan to pursue.

Cranking Up the Metabolism 

Sustainable exercises are great to follow but they demand for less oxygen than HIIT routines. When you pursue a set and feel your body requiring more oxygen, it only means that your metabolism is being worked at a higher level, ensuring you burn calories not only during the session but also for a long period after, a phenomenon referred to as “afterburn”. The constant back and forth between variable intensity activities also ensures that you burn fat and do it quickly. 

While the ideal time to devout to such a workout ranges in the 30 to 45 minutes zone, even smaller time periods can give you results. By incorporating this into your daily routine you can benefit from a lean and mean body in almost no time!

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