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Famous Celebrity Fitness Regimes

Fitness is a lifestyle choice that goes beyond the realms of building muscle and mass. It involves a wholesome approach to living and ensures that the body is trained to sustain harsh conditions and survive without collapsing. While a number of fads come and go, some routines stick around and succeed.

Forget the silliness about the seltzer water and celery sticks diets. While they may help you lose weight, they are not a healthy alternative and will more often than not result in you binging, gaining a lot more weight than you lost.

It is a lot more advisable to develop a routine that works for you and at the same time does not put you in any danger. Here are 7 famous celebrities across the globe and their renowned workout routines that got them acclaimed looks to take inspiration from-

The Dashing and Athletic Hrithik Roshan

Trained under the overly qualified Kris Gethin, a sports Therapist as well as a Professional Natural Body builder, Hrithik Roshan underwent a huge transformation. While a large part of his regime included cross fit and weight training, it was the overall control on his diet and routine that helped boost his results. Hritik Roshan not only managed to lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks but also train his body in a wholesome manner.

The Master of Self Control Akshay Kumar

Like a number of popular celebrities, Akshay Kumar is a strong supporter of not only better fitness but also fitness achieved naturally. While his routine may not include traditional gym equipment, his outdoor activities are equally intense. From functional training to martial arts, he has done it all. His fitness mantra is to not simply focus on building muscles and abs but also a better body developed to sustain over time. Ditching the party lifestyle that comes with fame, he tries to get a gap of at least three hours between consuming the last meal and hitting the bed. This is a great way for people who get bored of the routine of gyms to maintain a lean and mean body as well.

The Sultry Ballerina Natalie Portman 

When immersing yourself into a role, it also important to find a believable look. As a devoted actress, she discovered that to look like a believable ballerina for her role in Black Swan, she would have to follow the same routine as actual ballerinas. A former New York City Ballet dancer, Mary Helen Bowers helped her play the part through routines that would ensure Natalie would be able to dance as a professional as well. While a slim body is a must, it was also important to have a strong body that could sustain the long training hours. Natalie’s workout sessions were incorporated with activities such as endurance exercises, swimming and the more aggressive cross training. Her routine is perfect for anyone who wishes to get a stronger body without gaining muscles. 

Carrie Underwood and Her Lustrous Limbs 

While the country diva Carrie Underwood is famous for her amazing voice and vocals, she has also been showing off some of the best limbs in the industry. While they have their very own Facebook page, many have raised the question of what exactly she does to get such perfect sculpted legs.
Carrie is as great health enthusiast. Her belief in regular training and healthy diet is not only simple but also extremely effective. This kind of lifestyle can only be sustained as a personal choice. Instead of loading up on take-out meals when on tour, she tries to stock her fridge with as many healthy options as possible. Her personal trainers accompany her when she travels as well, helping her maintain her routines. A series of squats, toe taps, step ups and lunges will have you sporting your strong and sexy legs in no time. 

Noureen DeWulf and Inspirational Hockey

Wife of Olympic hockey legend Ryan Miller, her toned arms and tight butt have been envied and desired by many. Her entire routine has been inspired by her husband’s hockey games that have taught them the importance of stability, flexibility as well as a good posture to boost athletic performance. 
Using her husband’s warming up workout, she gets through a series of exercises without a single break. From strenuous leg presses to making use of foam rollers, her exercises are a spin on the same old routine, making it a lot more fun to follow!

Khloe Kardashian and her Sizzling Curves

You can love her, hate her, follow her but you cannot ignore her and her rocking curves. Even if you are not exactly a fan of the Kardashian’s, you cannot deny that they have got some serious style. While Khloe may not be a size zero, she has some of the best curves to flaunt across the globe. Showing off some of the best styles with body-con dresses and skinny jeans; her secret is working out right before she dons a new outfit. 
Khloe's go-to regiment is designed around the oblique, with cross body mountain climbing, side plank combination routines and various rotations that ensure each and every limb of yours is exercised. This routine is created to ensure you embrace your figure with joy!

Dr.Oz and His Quick Fix Workout

If you are the type that finds yourself smashing your snooze button on mornings regularly while grabbing for cups of coffee by afternoon, this easy to follow routine will save you. 
A renowned trainer from New York City, Joel Harper, designed this routine especially keeping the Oz family in mind. By elevating the heart rate to boost energy levels, one can easily eliminate the kinks caused by sleeping or sitting for long periods of time. Every muscle in your body will be made to exercise ensuring that you benefit from a sculpted body as well. He recommends an intense routine of moves such as the prayer squat and superman twist. 

The above mentioned work out regiments have been successful in helping celebs get their desired looks, making them popular for fitness enthusiasts to follow too.

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