Wednesday, 11 October 2017

3 Ways to Love Your Lower Body Workout

It is quite common for people to tire of the same old exercises when they work on their lower body. This often causes them to dread the days they must workout. So presenting you with a refreshing change, this blog introduces you to new ways to love your lower body workouts when you next hit the gym.

Stay on the ball

Using the stability ball is an exceptional way to keep fit, maintain your balance and workout. You can begin with a relatively regime of 10 minute reps of the ball squeeze and hamstring curl. Alternate these with the ball lunges before you move on to a ball squat. These are recommended for both men as well as women.

Do not over exert yourself

Embarking upon a strenuous workout only to quit early with a pulled hamstring or a ligament tear would indeed be a shame. This is exactly why a lot of individuals insist on heading to a functional fitness gym and training under experienced coaches and personal trainers who best understand their stamina, capacity when devising lower body workouts.


Splits and squats are your new best friends

Experts attest that there are few other ways to tone your muscles better than squats. Including lunges, squats and splits are a must if you wish to build up muscles in your legs.

Try these out at a fitness gym in Gurgaon for they shall work wonders at helping you gain that perfect body.