Monday, 26 September 2016

The Perfect Meals to Fuel Your Workout – Before & After

As leading a healthy lifestyle has become the need of the hour, many of us are now hitting the gym frequently to stay fit. However, many regulars at the gym are often confused about how to get maximum results from their workout. If you too have been going to the gym but aren’t sure if you are gaining its benefits, the secret may be hidden in your diet. There are some simple and easy to source foods that you can eat before and after your workout to make it more rewarding.

Before Your Workout

Your pre-workout foods should be rich in carbs, healthy fats, lean protein and fibres so that your body is ready for high-intensity exercises. The carb and protein ratio must be 4:1 before your workout. Add these to your meals for a beneficial round at the gym:
Oatmeal – If you don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning before hitting the gym, oatmeal is a great option as it is rich in proteins, minerals, carbs and dietary fibres. Add berries or fruits to stay hydrated throughout the workout.
Fruit Smoothies – Another quick and easy to prepare pre-workout snack, the carbohydrates in the fruits will provide energy for the workout while the protein will prevent muscle damage. 

Sprouts & Legumes – A highly nutritious option, these should be consumed 1-2 hours before the workout. They contain proteins, minerals, Vitamin K and C and fibres, making it an ideal pre-workout snack. 

After Your Workout

Your body will use up a lot of energy during a workout and you need to replenish it for the muscles to recover. Fluids and carbohydrates must be taken within half an hour of exercise to ensure the nutrients are used effectively. 
Kiwi – A powerhouse of nutrients, it has more vitamins and minerals than probably any other fruit. It helps relieve muscle soreness post workout.
Dry fruits and Nuts – Carry a bag of these in your gym bag so that you can munch on them during your way back. Nuts have simple carbohydrates that are digested easily and offer better muscle glycogen.

Cereal & Milk – A classic breakfast option, cereals are great post exercise. The carbs, protein and calcium in cereals help in muscle recovery and boost energy. It also helps in replenishing post-workout fluid requirements.
Being diligent about what you eat before and after your workouts can drastically impact the effect of your gym time. Happy healthy eating!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Going to the Gym Irregularly, is as good as Not Going at all !

Discipline and consistency are extremely necessary when it comes to exercising. Irregularities are common among the fitness freaks, but coping up with your fitness requirements is equally imperative. It is presumed that intense workout for 3 alternate days in a week is enough to maintain your health. 

Here, you must understand that your body has an internal clock that is programmed according to your schedule. It is seen that gymnasts, failing to follow a stringent schedule and routine for the workout, usually underperform from their desired level of strength and stamina. Following intense workout sessions for a long period and suddenly breaking down this habit is the worst that can happen to your body.

Negative Effects of Irregular Gym Workout

Re-occurrence Of Lost Weight:

You burn a high amount of calories while doing intense gym workout. The calorie intake also gets increased according to requirements of the body. If you don’t burn them out regularly, these extra calories will get stored in your body and you will start regaining weight at a faster rate.

Loss Of Strength:
Regular workout in gym strengthens your bones and muscles. You need to maintain this schedule to keep them robust. Any irregularity will bring a decline in your overall strength and gradually you will feel weakness in your body.

Increased Muscle Pain:
Muscles are built forcefully through an extensive workout schedule. But uneven gym schedule can cause muscles to gradually tear up leading to a persistent pain in different parts of the body.

Increased Joint Pain:
Sticking to a daily schedule is quite important in the gym workout. As these exercises are heavy, they exert extra pressure on joints as well. An unexpected break in the workout will put them in pain.

Decline in The Fitness Of Heart:
Irregular or breaking the schedule of gym workout may bring a decline in the fitness of heart. Break of few months or a year can hamper your cardiovascular fitness as well.

Due to its severe repercussions, it is never advisable to choose gym workouts for a short period or leaving them in the midway.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Running Is Not Always Cowardly! Use It as a Weapon for a Healthy Lifestyle

Running is revered as a complete exercise in which every muscle in your body is put on an ordeal. It is the best cardiac or aerobic exercise that uses more kilojoules and produces energy through oxygen and glucose. An unwavering dedication and mental effort are required to follow this workout in your daily schedule. But once, you start, it will endeavor unlimited benefits.

For General Fitness
Running provides general fitness that is required for living a healthy life. Jogging is an excellent alternative for beginners. You can start with jogging and gradually test the strength of your muscles and lungs by increasing your speed over the time.

Controls the Weight
Running is the best exercise to burn the fats accumulated in your body. Mostly, fats around belly are a huge concern while the fat stored in thighs, back, arms, and face goes unnoticed. Running is highly effective to burn the glucose present in the blood. Also, it puts every muscle on a workout to melt away the excess weight.

Strengthens the Lungs and Heart
Diseases that are correlated with lungs or heart are the major cause of deaths across the world. It is alarming to know that younger generation in the age group from 25-40 is severely affected by these issues. This is basically due to the lesser physical activities. 10-15 minutes of daily running gives perfect stimulation to heart and lungs to function with full strength throughout the day.

Improves Health And Prevents Diseases
Running is an accomplished exercise to improve your overall health. It boosts your immune system and reduces the clotting of blood. It acts as a preventive measure for people suffering from pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and issues like osteoporosis. Regular running increases the elasticity of arteries and flexibility of muscles.

Relieves Stress
Stress is the root cause of many diseases. A daily morning dose of running can revamp your lifestyle. It gives you the power to handle any situation, opens your mind to think wisely, and de-stresses you for rest of the day. 

So, now you know that running is not necessarily cowardly. Instead, you can make it a strong tool to fight multiple health hazards.