Thursday, 31 March 2016

TRX Training 101 – All you Need to Know

Conceived by the Navy SEALS, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise has soon become popular around the world for its ability to develop balance, strength, flexibility and the stability of the core all at once. This workout requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer which is an extremely portable performance training tool. TRX workout equipment is designed to leverage gravity and use one’s own body weight to perform a variety of different exercises.

Those who have relied on this training system swear by it because –
  • It is possible to workout anywhere with this equipment since it is lightweight and portable
  • It is known to deliver effective and fast total-body workout
  • It is extremely helpful in building a rock-solid core
  • It improves one’s muscular endurance
  • Whether you are a professional athlete or a senior, people with all fitness levels can easily use it
  • It is easy to set up outdoors, in a gym, at home or even in a hotel

Here are some of the other Core Benefits Presented by TRX Training –

  • Maximize Workout Time

TRX training helps you train various parts of your body all at once. With reduction in time spent in pacing from training station to another, you are able to maximize the time you a lot each day to your training.

  • Every Exercise Challenges the Core

Few people know this but your core is more than just your abs. TRX workouts help you challenge not only your abs but your other core muscles in your pelvis, back and chest. This in turn helps improve the stability, balance and flexibility of your body. Every action you perform in your everyday life makes use of your core – whether you bow down to pick up something, play a sport or wash your beloved car.

  • Helps Prevent Injuries

With a stronger and more stable core, you are able to prevent injuries not only in your lower back but also in other parts of your body.

  • Customizable Workout Routines

In TRX training it is possible to adapt the system to your personal fitness level by simple readjusting your body further away or closer to the anchor point. You needn’t go looking for additional set of weight to add more load on the fitness machine. All you need to do is change the position of your feet. This way, you are able to perform more demanding exercises instead of wasting time looking for appropriate load.

  • Innovative Form of Workout

Conventional strength building exercises focus on the movement in the front to back plane along with curls and presses. All these exercises are performed when sitting such as bench presses, barbell squats, etc. None of these workout regimens help work with your core. TRX is an innovative form of exercise that focuses on building your core body strength.
Sign up for a TRX Training program at the Squad Fit Gym in Vasant Kunj New Delhi and you will soon be able to build a strong and stable core, lose some weight and decrease your risk of injury on the whole.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Five Must Try Soups

Everyone's comfort food with a side of garlic bread or plain old bread sticks, soup is a must have for those cold, unforgiving days. It is a better alternative to caffeine and a great substitute for painstaking meals. A soup can go a long way in preventing those annoying sniffles without you having to cook up a storm in the kitchen. The best part is that you can make a big batch and consume over a couple of days at a stretch. So what are you waiting for? 

Five Ingredient Broccoli Soup RECIPE!!!

Vegetable Chowder RECIPE!!!

Mushroom Soup RECIPE!!!

Lentil Soup RECIPE!!!

Tomato Soup RECIPE!!!