Sunday, 12 April 2015

Eat Away Your Monday Blues

Come Monday and you hear groans and moans. All that fun you had on the weekend vanishes and you see a big black hole. As you drive to work, you pacify yourself with the idea that Friday is only four days away. What if you could eat away such depressing feelings especially on a Monday morning so as to ease your way through the week?

We bring you a list of foods that can help you transition from Sunday to Monday until Friday comes calling:

  • If your Monday morning feels like it is going to drag you through hell, grab a whole grain or wheat toast with some black tea. This will slowly release energy into your system which you can process more easily and black tea will keep you calm yet alert thanks to its L-theanine properties. 
  • Anxious about that meeting with the boss? What could he possibly want to talk about ‘first thing Monday’? You have already lost your precious Sunday night’s sleep over it. Grab foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds, eggs etc. These foods are known to calm your jittery nerves and ensure that you sail through that dreaded meeting which was only about a ‘new intern’.
  • For women, nothing can make Monday worse than waking up with PMS. All the women out there, hats off to you for walking into work loaded with PMS on a Monday morning after battling traffic and road rage. All the men (at work) should know better than to get in their way. If you are a woman reading this, make yourself some eggs. Those little cute eggs will make you happy and help you beat the craving for junk like chips or ice cream. 
  • Pacing up and down early morning about the impending appraisal? Don’t stress, eat your favourite chocolate (dark chocolate is better). Whether you are six or sixty, chocolate always helps to lower your stress levels. It brightens your mood and reduces anxiety. 
  • If you have just wasted the whole weekend cleaning up a mess that someone else made on Friday, you need to sip on green tea now more than ever. The last thing you want to do is to storm the office and vent out frustration worth of two days onto someone who has nothing to do with it. Grab your favourite flavour of green tea and sip on it as you get ready. This will help you think clearly and calmly. If it still does not help, add some ice cubes and chill! 
  • Just got back from visiting your parents or a close friend? Don’t be sad, eat your cereal. A plain bowl of your favourite cereal and milk can give you the boost you need. The Vitamin D in milk is said to produce happy thoughts in your brain. 

How about that? Food can regulate your mood better than anything else. So stay healthy, stay happy!

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