Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Thigh gap or knowledge gap?

Surely, most fitness freaks and health conscious people have heard or engaged in heated discussions about the “inner thigh gap”. As if losing weight was not difficult enough, the women of the world needed something new to feel more conscious about themselves. What’s next, chubby knees? Just because the model in the lingerie advertisement has sticks for legs does not make her healthy. And isn’t that our real goal here - to be healthy?

Given that a few advertisements have plagued our brains with the thigh gap conundrum, but we feel it is more to with the gap in our knowledge. No two people are alike nor are their bodies. Naturally their weight losing techniques are also different. No need to complicate your life by worrying about the miniscule gap between your thighs. Moreover our bodies are biologically designed to hold some amount of fat. As long as you fit into your favourite pair of jeans, you are sorted!

Be aware of the problems fat thighs can cause due excess body weight. People suffer from problems due to the thighs constantly rubbing each other – rashes, infection, trouble while walking. But don’t you worry. There are plenty of exercises to tone your inner thighs. Let us warn you that they are hard and strenuous but they are fruitful only when they are combined with some amount of cardio. But remember not to obsess over losing weight – no good will come out of you stressing while you exercise. Exercise is supposed to release happy hormones in your body not pressurize you. Therefore keep your goals real and attainable.

Also, losing weight anywhere in your body is directly affected by the amount of food you eat. While it is recommended to follow a regimen that will result in overall weight loss, you have to pick your moves for spot-reduction in a particular body part. And most importantly, be consistent with it. Nobody cares about the gap between your thighs or your toes.

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