Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Goodbye Batwings

Imagine this – you are hugging a certain someone (or a friend/relative) while crooning like Kylie Minogue –

You - How does it feel in my arms?
Them – Like I’m being squished.
You - Do you want it?
Them – Errr…
You -Can you feel it?
Them – I can’t breathe!
You - Tell me
Them – I’d rather not.

So bottom line is don’t squish someone with your flabby batwings i.e., your arms.

With summer inching in day by day, now is the time to take an arm workout more seriously than ever. Don’t behind those long sweatshirts and pullovers – it’s time for tank tops, razor backs and tube tops! Are you going to sit there and let that flabbiness bring you down?

You could be slender waist down, but with flapping triceps, all that slenderness is hidden. Arms need just as much attention as any other part of the body and maybe even more since the length of sleeves of your clothing varies from season to season. Wings look good only on bats not humans.

These images below display at-home workouts as well as workouts with weights and at the gym. Target your arms and shoulders and by eating the right food you will have envious arms. Whichever workout you choose to pick, you have to put in a few weeks or even a couple of months’ effort into it. The flabbiness in the arms is not easy to shed even if you can carry ample weight in each arm. So working out with grocery bags obviously doesn’t count.

Like everything else, it takes time. So take your pick and stick to it.

At home workout without weights : This include easy to difficult routine.

The benefits of doing these moves include toning up of shoulders, biceps, triceps and neck muscles. Another benefit is that you can do these anytime and anywhere. All you need is some time on (and) hand.

Gym or workout with weights: Let’s get one thing clear – that by doing weights your arms will not become like Popeye’s. Come on, now.

Women’s bodies are not made to bulk up like the Hulk, so stop fussing. For healthy women, picking up heavy weights will not accelerate the process. You just might injure yourself. As we always say, go slow and steady. For women who are skinny or underweight, go for ample pushups. This will help to add some muscle and build strength.

In addition to the exercises shown, one needs to adopt a daily cardio routine to shed overall body weight. These exercises are then going to tone those muscles once the fat has begun to melt, therefore they will more effective. Working on your arms will in turn help you do other exercises better – planks, for instance. You will be able to do a perfect plank for as long as you can because you will have more strength in your arms. The result – your abs and other muscles get toned.

So go show off your juggling not jiggling skills.

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