Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Eat well for a Flat Tummy!

We promise this is no joke. We take fitness and health very seriously even if it means eating like there’s no tomorrow. Now we shall take this opportunity and quote the ubiquitous line ‘Fitness begins in the kitchen, not the gym’. Isn’t that great? We eat food to stay fit, why not eat it to stay slim and get that notorious flat tummy? 

First things first – detox your tummy with some lemon and mint water. Add ginger and cucumber for some zing and consume this all day to clear toxins from your body. You can do this daily or once every few days to accelerate the weight loss process.

Another popular drink that helps in overall weight loss is green tea. Green tea is well known for its metabolism boosting properties which basically means that it helps to cut down the calories in your body. Plus it is loaded with antioxidants to keep you healthy from the inside. (Remember Kareena’s ‘andar-wala snaan’ ad? She ain’t playing you, mate)
Now for some delicious food list that you can gorge on to help you get a flat belly:

1. An apple a day keeps the belly pooch at bay : Apples are full of water and fiber that keep you full and prevent the urge to snack on yummy food which is full of calories.

2. Peanut butter : Go PBand J! Before you sprint to your fridge to dive into a jar, let us tell you why it is as healthy as it is yummy. PB burns fat and builds muscle in its place. Now you may sprint.

3. Yoghurt : More reason to stock your fridge with dairy! [unless of course you are lactose intolerant] The probiotic and even the usual tub of yoghurt is packed with good bacteria that will help in digestion and keep you from getting bloated after a meal.

4. Olive oil : Replace your cooking oil with olive oil and see the difference it makes to your weight and overall health. Olive oil helps in reduction of cholesterol and obesity.

5. Avocado : The monosaturated fats in this fruit helps to get a slim waist.

6. Dried fruits and nuts: Many diets recommend snacking on nuts because they build muscle and reduce cravings for unhealthy food.

7. Seafood : Fat in food is good after all but only the Omega-3 oils and fatty acids. They are known to burn the bad fat in the body and reduce cholesterol. Also a recent study in Australian proved that eating seafood makes a person feel less hungry.

8. Greens : Foods like spinach, broccoli and kale help to flush out belly fat and are very low in calories. Green leafy vegetables are rich in fiber and thus reduce bloating.

9. Whole grains : Always go for the whole grain option whenever you can as they add fat burning fiber and prevent your waistline from widening.

10. Chhhhocolate: [Think of Homer Simpson drooling] The cocoa in dark chocolate has monosaturated fats that help in cutting down fat. It is recommended that it should be consumed in small quantity - say one fourth of a cup in a day.

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