Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Board Alert – Stretches during Breaks

Previously we talked about how to de-stress during the exam period. As a follow up, we decided to bring you a detailed article on some stretches students can do during their study breaks.

Preparing for boards is an arduous task and one can easily lose track of time sitting at the study table drowned in books and notes. Time is of the essence and so is your health. If you let exam stress take over, your body will soon give in. If you are already a fit person who likes to run before starting the day, good for you! However taking regular study breaks and moving about is equally important.

Studying at the table can be tiring when one has to sit in the same position of the straight back (ideally) and the wrist racing time as you practice your sums or diagrams. Don’t you find yourself arching your back every time you get up to take a break? Or jerking your arms every few minutes? That is a sign of tiredness and it can be easily treated with simple stretches that you can do at your desk.

Our target areas are arms, neck, back and legs – parts of the body that are most likely to ache. Here are some suggestions to deal with spasms and aches:

Arms – ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’. To use a pen you need your wrist to actually be able to hold the pen. So stretches for the arms and wrist are very important. Use your chair to do the exercises as shown in the image. In addition to this, rotate your wrist clockwise and anti-clockwise as there may be a lot of tension in the area from using a pen or pencil.

Neck –Sleepless nights are aplenty and the last thing you need is a nasty neck spasm on the day of the exam! Pouring over your books can strain your neck and lead to headaches.

Back – Many youngsters are prone to back aches and believe it or not, back pain can begin from an early age if ignored. Keep back pain at bay by doing simple yoga moves while you sit on your chair. (As shown in the image) You needn’t run to get a yoga mat each time. Just pick the asana you are comfortable with and repeat as needed. Remember to go slow and steady. 
Legs – Studying for an exam or a test means that you are sentenced to the chair and your legs are bound in shackles (it’s not an exaggeration! We have all been there). Exercises 1 to 9 in the image can be done for relieving strain in the legs.
These stretches will not only relieve you of physical strain but also help you to sleep better at night. Doing these stretches regularly will maintain proper blood flow in the body and keep you alert. With these quick and easy stretches you are well equipped to fight off any body aches and discomfort during your exams.

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