Monday, 4 January 2016


Being a fitness buff and a foodie deep down is what we all love to do! But, to top our guilt trip, is the fitness accounts which we stalk and let’s say... try to understand the importance of being fit. Still we are absolutely lazy to get our bottoms off the couch because we all love that soft and cushiony surface too much.

But for once, let us all get a quick reality check, if we love our bodies and want to live a healthy life, exercising is definitely required on daily basis. It doesn’t necessarily need to be intense work outs at the gym or rigorous yoga routines, exercising can be as easy as taking the stairs instead of elevators, walking short distances rather than taking your car or going for an evening stroll.

Here are 3 hacks that can help us lose a few pounds (if followed correctly):

- A glass of warm water after eating every meal won’t let your body absorb the ugly fat. Caution! We don’t want our bodies to go through extremity, so the water should be just warm, not too hot to 
burn your tongue.

- Whenever you have a choice, always take stairs instead of the escalators while climbing up. Although when climbing down, take the escalator/elevator because our knees can be left corroded.

- When we eat 3 meals in a day and all of them king sized, all the essentials of the food is well absorbed by our bodies. Thus, accumulating fats on our bodies. Having 5 to 6 short meals helps our body to distribute all those essentials in a balanced way, helping us to avoid the piling up of fats.

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