Monday, 18 January 2016


Dear readers, for once more we are here to remind you.  Keeping fit is pretty easy! Time and again 
we all tend to get away with an excuse of time crunch whenever it comes to fitness. Guys! Let’s stop 
excusing ourselves to the accumulating fats and face the reality. We all love to eat and for a fact 
eating is more of a relaxation than a necessity.


           Change you regular cup of tea or coffee to a cup of green tea. Green tea will definitely make 
           you lose weight, added to this it makes your body resistant to cancer cells. (source)


          While working on the desk you continuously want to munch on to something or the other. 
          Try and snack on healthy eatables like baked poha or pack yourself a fruit basket to munch 
          on. (source)

  •  GUMMING..

           Keep your mouth busy with a gum. When you continue chewing a gum although it is 
           psychological, but you tend to think less about snacking on some wafers or namkeen. (source)

           These can help you maintain your munchies, but what about losing that extra fat? 


           When others opt for the lift, you must climb up the stairs. This strengthens your core and 
           your legs.

  •  STAND UP!

           While the website loads, stand up and go about the room. Sitting continuously while the 
           website buffers will add on to the lethargy for sure!


           Every couple of hours go for a walk outside, take a stroll or climb down stairs again climb 
           up. Be a little hyper-active throughout the day and shoo off the laziness!

One more reason that could possibly be the cause of weight-gain is insufficient sleep. Our body 
needs maintenance. 7 hours of sleep is the minimum that one can provide for energy restoration to 
resume the next day. No matter how stressful your day might be, shut out on your gadgets and lie 
down on your bed with your eyes closed. You are bound to fall asleep since you had a tired day.

You do need time to chill! Make the best out of your weekends and maintain throughout the 


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