Sunday, 24 January 2016

Be a Better Runner

You’ve got the fancy shoes, tracks and running apps on the phone, now what? Running is believed to be the best kind of cardio whether it is outside or on a treadmill. Although it is a strenuous activity, our goal is to advise you to not let it become stressful. 

> Slow Transition – The most important thing before you bring sprinting like a free spirit is to take the transition slowly. Try walking fast and running in intervals of 1 to 2 minutes each. This way you will build stamina for the long haul by not sending your body into a total surprise. 

> Track your running – Once you begin, keep at it consistently and track your progress. Either sign up for training or download an application that helps you achieve your running goals. 

> Proper posture – To avoid injuries while running make sure your posture is right i.e., relaxed shoulders, head stacked over the spine and relaxed facial muscles. To be able to run well you should softly land mid-foot not on the heels. When you gain momentum, running and landing should feel less and less of a strain. 

> Eat and drink right – Hydrate yourself well before you run so that you avoid cramps while running. As far as diet is concerned, opt for a small snack i.e., a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is ideal. Eat at least an hour or two before you run so you have plenty of time to digest your pre-workout meal. 
(Read our post on pre and post workout foods for more info.)

> Switch up  - Your running routine needs to be varied or you will soon find it boring and want to stop. Make it interesting by running in the park, treadmill, uneven terrains (with care though), along the river (if there is an option), with a friend etc.

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