Thursday, 14 May 2015

Guilt-free Skinny Meals

Now we all want to eat delicious yet healthy food but by skinny we don’t mean dressing your food in size two dress. We mean that but the calorie count in your food can be 300 or less.

We bring you some good options for snacks as well as meals that help you keep your weight in check and keep your stomach full. And don’t worry, dear readers, this post is not about some lazy snacking ideas like a fruit or cup of yoghurt.We have for you some proper, filling meal ideas that you can whip up easily and not feel guilty about eating it! And all this under 300 or less! Can we all just pinch ourselves already? 
For the vegetarians :

  • Hummus and vegetable sandwich:

Click for recipe

  • Quinoa/Cous-Cous salad:

Add whatever vegetable you like to this dish and customise!

Click here for recipe

  • Swap pizza dough for some cauliflower dough:

Grate or blitz raw (but thoroughly washes) cauliflower and mix one egg, grated cheese, salt and pepper. Spread it flat and top with your favourite toppings.You will definitely make another one.

  • Cheesy salad:

Throw in some rocket leaves, spinach, lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped cucumbers and add a dash of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl. Finally top it off with either crumbled feta cheese or goat’s cheese. Best side dish ever!

If you want to crank it up a notch try the Asian fried rice, Red pepper lentil bake or Chickpea and sweet potato curry for that good old Indian taste. Click here for recipes.

For the non-vegetarians:

  • Citrus chicken salad:

Summer is here which does not mean that you can’t enjoy your meats! Throw this citrusy chicken salad together especially for a hot summer day.

Click here for recipe

  • Easy peasy Chicken salad: 

No peas here but plenty of easily available ingredients. Greek Yoghurt can be well substituted with hung curd or plain old thick curd. Click here for recipe

  • Fancy some chicken chilli?:

What, chilli with chicken? Swap beef with chicken for a healthier and lighter version.

Click here for recipe
  • Sausage Zucchini boats:
Turn that weird looking vegetable with a peculiar (read confusing to pronounce) name into something delectable with this recipe. Click here

  • Chicken Fried rice:

A classic favourite! Can this get any healthier? Click here for recipe

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