Sunday, 22 February 2015

DO or DIE(T)

It's d-word everywhere. The, well...well-endowed, dread it; the lean, when mean, scorn it. But let's face it, there is just no escaping it. Yes, you got it right. We are dedicating this blog post to the ubiquitous DIET!

In nutrition parlance, diet is, simply put: “the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism”. Why then, has its definition gotten distorted over the years, to connote one of deprivation? After all, diet is all about healthy food and healthy eating, isn't it?
When it comes to the road to good health, dietary choices definitely matter. However, it is not such an uphill task as it is made out to be. A balanced diet is bound to give you that slim body you imagine yourself in. But irrespective of how you look, in the end, you are what you watch what you eat!

Staying lean (skinny- if that's what you say) does not require you to starve yourself. Your body needs nutrition not starvation. Crash diets are the worst way yet most used (sadly) to lose weight. We hope to help you eat delicious and healthy food paired with doable exercises to keep you fit!

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Here at SquadFit, we will talk about nutrition, diet, fitness, exercise and quick fitness plans. But whether you read, follow, ignore, look away or simply slam it down, we'll still be at it. And to you, we suggest that you be at it too – DIET, that is!!

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