Monday, 2 February 2015

Calisthenics Are The Heart of the Boot Camp Workout

Calisthenics are also known as body weight exercises because they are exercises that use your body’s weight for resistance. You work muscles through a variety of push movements, pull movements, stretching, jumping, and core exercises.

Since they don’t require a lot of gym equipment, you can do them almost anywhere. You can do them outdoors, indoors, and just about anywhere you can put a mat down. That’s what makes calisthenics the heart of the boot camp workout.

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- Weight loss
- Flexibility to do anywhere
- Variety
- Proven – been around since ancient Greece and still popular now
Calisthenics are the heart of boot camp workouts. The advantages of being able to get a full body workout without needing a lot of equipment are huge.
You can't always make it to the gym. It's great to throw together a 10 or 20 minute highly effective workout that you can do anywhere.

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