Thursday, 26 May 2016

Is your Child’s Physical Fitness Levels Related to his Development?

As a parent you already know that your needs to be active every day to enable healthy growth and correct development. Children who have been able to establish a healthy way of life at a young age carry these attitudes and benefits for the rest of their lives.

However, in a technologically distracted world, it gets extremely easy for children to prioritize television sets, games on smart phones and tablets and other indoor non-physical activities over physical ones. 

It is therefore important for parents to find ways to encourage physical fitness for the following reasons:
Healthy growth and development
Better posture and balance 
Stronger muscles, joints and bones
Better self-esteem
A stronger heart
Enhanced social interaction with people their own age and older 
Healthier weight range 
A chance to learn new skills while also having fun
Enhanced focus and concentration in academics 

When looking for a fitness class or any form of physically related activity for your child, make sure that you take their preferences into account. Find out if they would prefer to be a part of a team or pursue an individual activity. Also find out if they would prefer to enroll in a skill based class, a recreational class or pursue an activity with a friend or family member. 

As a parent it is up to you to keep your child motivated and make sure that they continue to enjoy the activities they perform. The hard work you put into their childhood is something they will thank you for when they are older. 

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